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Who is PURE B2B for?

If you’re a CEO, MD or business owner who wants to improve the effectiveness of your business, ambitious, open to learning, open to sharing your existing knowledge and you want to increase your net profit – PURE B2B is for you.

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Is PURE B2B value for money?

At just £70 per month*, with many of the Kent and Surrey’s best business thinkers in attendance, PURE B2B offers incredible value and helps you source the very best consultants if you do require more in-depth help.

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How Pure B2B works

There are 3 typical formats a Pure B2B board meeting takes:

Discuss a business challenge

Bring your latest business challenge to the Board. Once we’re sure we fully understand your issue, we will offer our observations and suggestions to help you overcome your challenge and move forward.

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Make an important decision

You have an important decision to make and no Board of Directors to turn to for advice, or want to be better informed before going to them. Use your PURE B2B Business Mastermind as a sounding board to help you take an informed decision.

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Refine your business plan

Share your plans using the PURE B2B 5-year business planner. Feedback from your peers often saves months of trial and error. We will look at your inspirational goals and identify the most important actions that you’ll take in the next 90 days.

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