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PURE B2B is different from networking

PURE B2B Mastermind Boards are different. They’re not about networking. And they’re not about selling consultancy. They are about building trust between business people – creating an environment where knowledge and experience can be shared for the benefit of all the members – with the focus on achieving business goals and generating more net profit.


Do I have to pass on referrals?

No. PURE B2B Mastermind Boards aren’t about referrals. They are a forum in which you can learn from the expertise of other successful business people – and pass on the benefit of your own experience – with the aim of boosting your business profits. Of course, when you get to know and trust your fellow Board members there’s nothing to stop you recommending them to your valued clients. Many of us do, very successfully.


Who can join a Board?

Most Board members are CEOs, MDs or business owners. Occasionally, we also invite start-up business owners. Membership is by invitation and every member of each Board is hand-picked, to ensure they are the kind of person who’s going to benefit from membership as well as contribute to their Board’s collective knowledge. If you want to improve your business and increase your net profit, and are ambitious, open to learning and to sharing your existing knowledge PURE B2B is for you.


How do I get invited to join?

There are several ways. You can contact us to discuss membership with Nigel. If it looks as though you’re a good fit for one of the Boards, he’ll invite you along as a guest, so you can experience it yourself. He’ll even pay for your lunch/dinner! Or if you know someone who is already a member, they can invite you as a guest.


What’s the minimum membership period and joining fee?

There’s no joining fee, and no minimum membership period. You join up and pay £70.00 monthly, and can cancel at any time.


How many Boards can I join?

You join one Board (usually the one closest to you). Nigel will ensure that your business sector and experience complement the existing membership. But you can visit other Boards as a guest at any time.


Do I have to attend every Board meeting, or send a stand-in if I can’t be there?

Obviously the more Board meetings you come to, the more benefit you’ll get. But PURE B2B recognizes that business people are busy people, and we all have many commitments. You come when it’s convenient to you, and if you can’t make your own Board meeting you are welcome to attend another.


When are Board meetings held?

See our list of upcoming Board meetings here.